The Best Anti Aging Products On The Market Today

Being the author of a longevity blog I was curious what the best anti aging products on the market were. Personally I don’t use product on my skin or eyes, or any other area of my body but my wife has started too and she has been encouraging me to start. After all, I just turned 30 and we don’t want to age too quickly to fast.

As a man, this is kind of a weird subject because not many men care enough to use anti aging products, creams, masks, and serums. Many of us do work our hardest to stay healthy and in shape. And like myself many of us want to live a longer life full of health and happiness so I guess it makes sense that if I plan on living on this earth for many more decades I might as well try to look good while I’m doing it.

Last year, I took the time to investigate the differences between various types of anti aging creams. If you missed that post, let me encourage you to go back and review it. I learned a lot doing that research. To expand a bit on it however I did some more research and selected what I consider to be a decent list of the best anti aging products on the market. Of course my opinion is biased towards simplicity and cost-effectiveness. I shy away from high priced formulas and potential scams; but I suppose that many of these products are just fine assuming you don’t rely on them entirely.

---UPDATE - I've recently posted a review of Stem Cell Therapy Cream - this cream is designed to help speed up the regeneration of skin cells and help your look younger. Check it out.---

My methodology in these selections is not an exact science. I’m merely looking at the top selling anti aging products by product type which I identified in the previous post and hand selecting what I consider to be a good choice for someone just starting to dive into the products.

Best Idebenone Anti Aging Product

Idebenone, as I previously stated, is designed to prevent damage to the skin from occurring. As opposed to other anti-aging products which try to repair damage and make you look younger this type of product actually try’s to slow aging by preventing damage. This places this type of product high in my opinion as I really value prevention.

Click here to see the best selling Idebenone products on Amazon or you can just look into my favorite of the product group: Idebenone Anti-aging Anti Wrinkle Face and Skin Care Serum from Bathouse Naturals. This is my favorite because I believe that the active ingredient is all that really matters so why get a complicated formula for way too much money. Just get the Idebenone and use it with your favorite moisturizer.

Best Anti Aging Moisturizer

In my opinion the best anti aging moisturizer is an affordable moisturizer containing Retinol. Retinol is an antioxidant found in Vitamin A. Applying it directly to the skin is a much more efficient mechanism than consuming it in our foods. Because most people use moisturizers anyway make sure to use one with Retinol to help decrease skin damage and to help maintain collagen production in the skin.

Amazons list of top selling retinol moisturizers are here but I suggest the Skincare LdeL Cosmetics Retinol Day Cream from Skincare LdeL Cosmetics as it is not too fancy or expensive but also includes SPF 20 for more protection. You can easily add the Idebenone right into the mix and kill two birds with one stone.

Best Anti Aging Peptide Night Cream

Lastly I recommend a quality yet inexpensive night cream moisturizer based on a peptide complex. Peptides help boost collagen production and are thus a good at preventing lines and visual effects of aging due to a loss of collagen production. When used in conjunction with retinol and Idebenone this trio of products should be the best combination of affordable anti aging products you will ever need.

Here is a list of Amazon’s top selling peptide creams but I suggest you just pick up a cheap, simple, and affordable bottle of Olay’s Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum, Concentrated Amino-Peptide Complex and apply nightly before bedtime.

Combined these three products will cost you less than $50, which is far less expensive than certain individual products and should give you a perfect combination simple anti aging protection.

As for me; I’ll continue thinking about starting my own regimen using products like this. My wife has long been suggesting I at least start with a basic moisturizer, Vaseline for men anyone? I suppose it will be worth it as I continue to age. Let me know your thoughts below and give me some motivation to get over my manliness and start taking care of my skin. :)

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