Insulin Levels And Vitamin K

How To Reduce Insulin Levels with Vitamin K

keep blood insulin levels in check
Blood insulin levels should remain fairly consistent day to day. The levels should never get too high as this can cause complications down the road. Luckily you can maintain safe insulin levels and even lower insulin levels that are too high if you simply make a few changes to your diet.

In fact there are a number of things (in addition to maintaining a healthy weight) that you can do to make sure you keep your insulin levels in check and reduce insulin resistance. Consuming more vitamin K is one of them.

Manage Insulin Levels from Best Life:
One of the keys to a long life is having good insulin sensitivity (meaning your body doesn't produce wild swings in blood sugar after you eat, a condition that leads to diabetes). New research from Tufts University found that Vitamin K - a nutrient found in Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and dark leafy greens - helps keep insulin levels in check. The researchers recommend eating five or more servings of these vegetables a week.

Best Vitamin K Supplements

As always I recommend making changes to your diet first in any attempt to become more healthy or prevent any potential health problems but the simple fact is that sometimes its hard to plan your meals appropriately at all times. You should always have a supplement backup for those important nutrients for times when your meals are lacking.

This Vitamin K supplement by Jarrow is an excellent source of Vitamin K in that it is designed to improve it's bioavailablitiy in your system. It can be found on Amazon as can many other alternative supplements.

Update 6/16/2009: Do you want to know another way how to reduce insulin levels?  Another dietary method of reducing insulin levels and decreasing your risk for Diabetes is to get as much Selenium as you possibly can. Unfortunately it's tough to get enough of it even with nutritional supplements so you have to make sure you get it through your diet. 

You can also check out this handy how-to list for more ways to reduce insulin levels naturally and generally maintain good health.

This quote originated from the April 2009 issue of Best Life magazine.

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