The Insulin Resistance Diet

The Insulin Resistance Diet Helps Stop Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance and it’s bigger and scarier brother type-2 diabetes have been on my mind a lot lately. I think this is because I know a few people with both conditions and I know many people who are at risk for them. The condition scares me.

The funny thing is that neither I nor my wife show any risk signs for developing insulin resistance. Despite this however I’ve learned a fair amount about the condition over the last few months and have learned a bit about constructing an insulin resistance diet that should help stop insulin resistance and begin reversing insulin resistance.

Before I go into the concepts behind adhering to an insulin resistance diet however I thought I’d note why this diet is applicable to human longevity even in those who are not at risk for developing the disease. The reason is actually quite simple; the food consumption that contributes to insulin resistance also contributes to arterial plaque buildup, poor cholesterol levels, and arterial hypertension. Obviously each of these contributes to number one on the leading causes of death list published by the CDC: Heart Disease.

Essentially by following a sound insulin resistance diet I feel that I can both support healthy insulin production and lower my risks of developing atherosclerosis and heart disease. There is also a popular book on the subject titled: "The Insulin Resistance Diet: How to Turn Off Your Body's Fat-Making Machine" which is invaluable to learning more about how to change your diet for the better. Check it out for deeper coverage of this topic.

How To Follow An Insulin Resistance Diet

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The insulin resistance diet is really all about reducing insulin resistance by limiting the amount of refined sugars that you consume. These sugars are bad for your body because they are typically full of empty calories that have no nutritional value. They also cause your blood sugar levels to increase quickly and in bad cases they spike faster than insulin production can keep up with.

Additionally, following an insulin resistance diet requires consuming a fairly high amount of fiber throughout the day. This fiber acts to regulate blood sugar spikes and can be found in many foods especially cereals, fruits, and vegetables. Strangely I’ve found that I don’t typically eat many fruits for whatever reason but I eat tons of veggies so I guess I’m good on that front.

Other foods to pack into an insulin resistance diet include Brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli and other foods high in vitamin K, foods rich in Chromium such as ham or turkey, and seasoning foods with cinnamon and with a mixture of black pepper and turmeric.

If you want to read more about this diet in far greater detail then please review the popular and bestselling book shown above - or check out The Ultimate Diabetic Cookbook which can help you follow an Insulin Resistance Diet if you have pre-diabetes or a diabetic diet if your condition is more advanced.

Stop Insulin Resistance With Exercise

If you can mange to change your diet to include foods such as these more often then you can also pack some punch into stopping insulin resistance in its tracks by exercising a little more. This trips many people up but it is the number one way to stop insulin resistance.

As I previously said; I don’t have any of the warning signs for insulin resistance but following a diet such as this will also help a great deal in minimizing the risks for heart disease and should help increase life expectancy so why don’t you join me? It’ll be good for you.

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