How To Lower LDL Cholesterol Levels Naturally With Your Diet

Looking to lower LDL cholesterol levels naturally as a supplement to your doctor’s prescribed medication? You should be. Lifestyle and dietary choices are most often the cause of clogged arteries and despite the fact that there is a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol changing your diet can go a long way to lowering cholesterol and getting healthy again.

In past posts on this blog I’ve noted a number of findings which correlate various lifestyle choices to increases in cholesterol. A well known correlation is smoking. Smokers tend to have higher cholesterol levels and higher rates of heart disease and other medical problems. Another obvious choice is physical inactivity. This may mean skipping your trip to the gym on occasion but all to often this actually means complete and utter inactivity.

When you sit at a desk all day and then come home and sit on the couch all evening only getting up to walk to the car, kitchen, or the bathroom then you are going to have problems.

Lower Your Cholesterol Levels Eating The Things You Love

If you are like most people there are certain things you love to eat. Many of them are not good for you at all and others are quite good for you. The trick to eating healthy is to not eliminate foods from your life but to minimize the consumption of bad foods and increase the consumption of good foods. Even the foods that raise your cholesterol have a part in your diet, you just have to figure out how to moderate them.

I came across a book on this very topic: Cholesterol Down: Ten Simple Steps to Lower Your Cholesterol in Four Weeks (Without Prescription Drugs). We all could use a little help in staying healthy, lowering bad cholesterol, raising good cholesterol, and knowing how to pair foods for our benefit. This book can help and it will help you find ways to lower your cholesterol, unclog arteries, and get back to living a healthy life without forcing you to change your entire lifestyle.

There are obviously many books and guides available on this topic but this book has just about the best reviews of any I've ever seen on the topic. Click here to see the book details and reviews on Amazon.

This goes without saying you should always be working with a physician, especially when you have high cholesterol, blocked or clogged arteries, or other serious medical conditions. If your doctor prescribes treatment you should follow his or her advice but so long as he or she is ok with your nutrition plan there’s no reason why you can’t attack your cholesterol problem naturally with the foods you eat at the same time.

Leading Causes of Death

Heart Disease is easily the leading cause of death in America. One of the major contributors to heart disease is cholesterol. See the following posts for more on lowering your risk for heart disease:

How To Lower LDL Cholesterol Levels Naturally

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