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As author of How To Live a Longer Life I wanted to take some time to offer first time readers a place where they can find the many posts that I am most proud of. I believe these posts highlight the essence of this site and prove to you that this site is worth bookmarking, revisiting, and subscribing to.

The Best of How To Live a Longer Life

The following list of posts are all authored and published here on How To Live a Longer Life and feature some of what I feel is my best work. I hope you find these posts interesting enough to stick around and become a regular reader and contributor in my comments sections.

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Topics on Longevity

  1. Easy Ways To Live A Longer Life - The destructive behavior people take part in sheds an average of 20 years off their lives. Don't do these four things and you'll live a longer healthier life.
  2. Longevity and Resveratrol - A short essay on Resveratrol and how it works to lengthen life and prevent disease.
  3. Mediterranean Diet Extends Life - There is now conclusive academic evidence that suggests that this diet extends life and protects against disease.
  4. Eat Fish To Extend Your Lifespan - An analysis of longevity patterns around the world and what we can learn about them. Seafood (fish) clearly stands out as an obvious outlier promoting a longer life.

Preventing Disease

  1. Finish Your High Fat Meals With Walnuts for Your Arterial Health - Eating walnuts after a high-fat meal might protect your heart better than olive oil does.
  2. CTC Scan versus Colonoscopy - Studies have shown that CTC Scans might be an alternative option for Colonoscopies, however, I believe the time has not yet come for this alternative to go mainstream.
  3. Lower Your PSA Score and Maybe Your Chances of Prostate Cancer - As essay on the statistical lowering of PSA scores due to the consumption of Aspirin. It's not only for the heart.
  4. How To Increase T-Cell Count and Support Your Immune System - A rundown of the merits of cooking with mushrooms more often. They could keep you from getting sick more often than you'd think.

Food & Diet

  1. Food Pairings | Optimize Your Diet - The emdicinal benefits of pairing everyday foods properly for better nutrition.
  2. Argument for the Vegan Diet - A guest post.
  3. CRON (Calorie Restriction) - Eating less of everything without cutting any foods from your diet may be the ultimate longevuity diet.

Mental Health

  1. Think Positive! - The power of positive thinking can help improve mortality rates and assist in disease prevention and disease recovery.
  2. Alternative Treatment for Depression - Exercise has been shown to be just as effective in treating depression as medication.


  1. Most Popular Longevity Books
  2. Holmes HEPA Filter
  3. Low Radiation Cell Phones

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