Type-2 Diabetes And Coffee

Is Coffee Bad for People with Type-2 Diabetes?

Monica over at NutritionData posted the other day about a new study that was published in the journal Diabetes Care, June 2009 which concluded that people who were suffering from Type-2 Diabetes had nothing to worry about when it came to drinking daily coffee.

For some time there has been inconsistent information on whether or not the caffeine in coffee causes blood sugar spikes. Monica writes:
"Drinking coffee before or with breakfast can lead to a much higher rise in blood sugar than breakfast without the coffee"
This study however shows that despite normal blood sugar spikes, the long-term effect of caffeine on the diabetic is nill. The researchers showed that drinking four or more cups of coffee per day made no difference to overall mortality rates, early death, and cardiovascular diseases in diabetic men were not affected by the caffeine.

Thumbs Up For Diabetes And Coffee
This is good news for all in my opinion. Though I am not a diabetic man, I am a heavy coffee drinker. Of course I take mine black which keeps the calorie and fat content to near nill, but it is still good news because as this finding suggests caffeine doesn’t increase the threat level for those who have diabetes already then it is unlikely to cause disease in those who do not have type-2 diabetes. Caffeine has been shown to increase metabolic rate and increase the burning of fat stores in the body due to it’s stimulation of lipolysis, the breaking down of fat stored in fat cells.

For this reason alone it seems to me to be more indicative of life sustaining effects to diabetics due to their increased tendency to be overweight, however the study do not show conclusive evidence that mortality was effected significantly in any way.

Let's all go out for coffee, huh? Thanks to Monica for pointing this out!

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