How to Reduce Insulin Levels in 15 Minutes

Increased insulin levels are closely associated with type-2 diabetes. This happens because the body begins to resist insulin and as a result blood sugar levels increase. As the body adjusts to normally high levels of insulin it begins requiring high levels of insulin to keep glucose in a normal blood sugar range.

Thus the mere existence of high insulin is something which all people should want to avoid... and those people who have abnormally high levels of insulin (but do not not yet have diabetes) should also take steps to reduce insulin levels quickly as high insulin is a primary cause of the onset of diabetes. If not monitored and managed carefully type-2 diabetes could result and increased insulin would then be required to manage the disease. It's incredibly important to stop or reverse pre-diabetes before it gets to advanced. This post on reversing type-2 diabetes naturally may be something worth checking out.

How To Lower Insulin Levels Naturally

how to reduce insulin levels with exercise
Because insulin levels are central to managing the symptoms of diabetes it is very important to manage your insulin levels especially when they are getting elevated. Poor sleep habits and insulin resistance for instance go hand in hand. Techniques such as managing your diet to help reverse insulin resistance are also important to keep in mind.

Alternatively there is a recent study showing how to reduce insulin levels naturally and how to lower insulin levels with exercise. The study shows that exercise can have an immediate effect on insulin levels and can even reduce insulin levels in as little as 15 minutes a day.

Reduce Insulin Levels with Exercise Sprints

"[Only] 15 minutes of high-intensity exercise is needed to reduce blood-sugar levels and risk of diabetes.

When researchers had 16 men do 15 minutes of cycling sprints three days a week, they found that the men’s insulin levels dropped 37 percent within two weeks."

This is a clear indication that exercising helps with lowering insulin levels naturally and suggests that you do not always need medication to reduce insulin levels... although meds do help if you need them bad enough.

Obviously this is a small sampling of men but a 37% drop is significant in lowering a high insulin level in such a short period of time. This essentially means that you can reduce insulin levels enough to diminish the risks associated with diabetes by sprinting or stressing the cardio system merely 6 times in 14 days for a combined total of 90 minutes. That doesn't seem like too much to ask.

Other Ways to Manage Insulin Levels
Now, if you are on meds and you are exercising thoroughly and still asking the question, how do I lower my insulin levels even more, then you're not out of luck.  If you combine this practice of sprinting or exercising vigorously with eating dairy to help prevent metabolic syndrome and by consuming vitamin K on a daily basis to reduce insulin levels, you should have significantly lowered your risk factors for diabetes and increased your probability of living a longer life.

Update 7/13/09 - Want more tips? I've recently compiled a lengthy post of 11 ways to reduce insulin resistance to further help you learn how to reduce insulin levels without the use of medication. I'd encourage you to take a look. You don't want to succumb to a lifetime of insulin injections. If you take the steps now and change your bad habits you may not have to...

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There are of course numerous additional ways to help reverse insulin resistance and lower insulin levels. If you want more structured guidance on how to reverse the early stages of diabetes, this guide on increasing insulin production and reversing insulin resistance may be something that you may want to consider paying for. The sales page linked to above has a ton of info on the program so give it some time to read through it all.

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