What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Range?

Today I went in to the office and was surprised to see a complimentary health fair provided by my employer. This always makes me happy and I was very excited to learn that we all were given the opportunity to attend the fair and have our blood sugar levels checked to see if we fall in a healthy and normal blood sugar range.

Fasting Blood Sugar Test
Unfortunately I wasn’t fasting because for some reason I didn’t realize the health fair would be put on but I got my blood sugar levels tested anyway. Turns out that after eating a bowl of cereal at 9am, a doughnut at 10am, a can of Campbell’s Chunky soup at 1pm and a Snicker’s bar at 2pm my blood sugar levels ended up sitting at 120 at 3pm. Not bad for all that food running through my system.

This got me thinking however. If a fasting blood sugar normal range is 100 and below what then are normal blood glucose levels for people who aren’t fast? Similarly what is a normal range for blood sugar that I should be shooting for at any random time during the day. After all; I don’t just want to hit the middle of the blood sugar range; I want to be better than normal.

What Is A Normal Blood Sugar Range?

First of all normal blood sugar levels are really dependent on a few things. Does normal mean good or does it mean average? If it means good you want your fasting blood sugar levels to be below 100 mg/dl. People who are prediabetic according to the normal definition of diabetes is a fasting blood glucose range between 100-126. Anything over 126 is considered a diabetic range for your blood sugar levels.

Likewise a normal blood sugar range for people who have not been fasting is usually in the low to mid 100s. This means that my blood sugar levels were in the normal range despite that Snickers bar. For more on Diabetes and blood sugar levels you may want to check out these articles on normal blood sugar levels and high blood sugar levels over on BSFD.
If you have high fasting glucose levels then you need to see this post on how to lower fasting blood sugar levels. It can help you potentialy prevent the onset of diabetes... if you take action on it that is.

Achieving A Normal Range – Blood Sugar

So anyway, what does all of this mean? How does one look at this data and objectively make a plan for achieving the desired blood sugar range? Normal blood glucose levels are a good thing and steps should be taken if your are in an elevated range. The stats are clear in that people with diabetes have health problems that continue to magnify and multiply as age advances. If you want to live longer then you have to manage your blood glucose levels better.

In past posts on this blog I have discussed at length a multitude of ways to do just this. A normal range for blood sugar is not something that you should have to actively manage your body should do it for you. In fact your pancreas should do it for you automatically. Unfortunately people in poor health may need to focus on recovery first before the body manages blood glucose levels appropriately again.

The following list contains a number of posts on this blog that relate closely to managing blood sugar ranges by preventing or treating insulin resistance. If you need help in returning to a healthy and normal blood sugar range then re-read these posts and start making changes in your life today.

Lastly insulin resistance is not the only reason you may not be in a normal blood glucose range; make sure you use cinnamon in your cooking to help reduce blood sugar spikes in your every day meals. Staying in a normal blood sugar range is worth it and it will help you live a longer life.

For more on the topic click to see this post on lowering your fasting blood sugar levels naturally. Don't just read it; take action!

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