How To Increase T-Cell Count: Selenium

how to increase t-cell count - seleniumFalling T-cell counts are well noted in patients suffering from HIV. Obviously HIV is very serious and is being worked on by countless researchers around the world. There are many drugs which aide in supporting the immune system and hindering the progression of immune system decline and these procedures and drugs use should be guided by your doctor, not by me. Please read my disclaimer regarding medical advice. I am not a doctor.

Aside from prescribed medicine however, there are additional ways to support and improve T-cell count naturally through diet.  This article only discusses how to increase tell count with selenium, though there are other ways.  If you want to skip to the chase you can check out a number of quality Selenium supplements which are very affordable over on Amazon.

How To Boost T-Cells With Your Diet

I have previously noted that white button mushrooms can help with T-cell activation and with improving T-cell count but there is another method that has been shown in clinical research to help with raising T cell count. 

The January 22, 2007 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine published findings from the study which was funded by the NIH, from Dr. Barry Hurwitz, a professor of psychology and medicine at the University of Miami, and colleagues that studied 262 HIV patients with normal selenium levels and found that those who took 200 mcg of selenium every day, regardless of the drugs they were taking, if any, showed an improvement in HIV T-cell count and a decline in HIV viral load when compared to the placebo group.

Clinical Finding: T-Cells & Selenium

In the New York Times and Miami Herald, Hurwitz had this to say about the application of this finding on boosting T cell count:
"What selenium appears to do is make HIV more docile, less virulent and less likely to replicate," Hurwitz said. He added that selenium is "a simple, inexpensive and safe adjunct therapy". Jeffrey Blumberg, a nutrition professor at Tufts University, said that because selenium appears to be beneficial and to have no negative side effects, it can be used in conjunction with traditional therapies [to help increase T cells naturally]."

Finally, Don't Get To Excited

This is good news though optimism should be restrained. The effects of Selenium on t-cell count, though statistically relevant in this case, are not much more than normal daily fluctuations that HIV patients might ordinarily see in their T-cell counts. For more information on how to boost white blood cells I'd suggest reading up on my post: T Cell Activation or check out my index of related posts titled how to boost T cells

Furthermore, the idea of taking selenium every day to boost t cell count, or eating foods rich in selenium such as Brazil nuts, should be considered as just a slight complement to drug therapy and should not be considered a significant boost. However, I would argue that any little bit of help is a good thing. After all, it's just a vitamin and/or a nice light snack.  Amazon has a lot of options for you to choose from if you want to try taking a daiy selenium supplement.  This Nature Made Seleneum (200mcg) supplement is a good place to start if you want to give it a try.

In case you haven’t read my previous post on increasing T-cell count with White Button Mushrooms, let me encourage you to do so now. Again, every little bit counts! And for goodness sake, stay positive, it helps you live a longer life!

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