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How To Live A Longer Life is a growing source for medical news and information relating to general health, nutrition, disease prevention, and longevity. Considering the fairly broad focus of my writings I understand that many other quality writers have valid opinions and information and I know that they can offer a lot to this site’s content.

Guest posting for this blog is a great way for you, the guest author, to reach new readers and establish site authority for your own site. It is also important personally and professionally to build a network of fellow writers with unique opinions and perspectives. These are some of the main reasons I feel it is important to open up this blog to guest authors.

As a result I’m offering the opportunity for you to reach this site’s readership by submitting a guest post on any topic related to health care, medicine, aging, longevity, disease prevention, nutrition, etc. If you feel the topic of your piece is related to this blog and its general readership I want to formally invite you to submit your post for consideration. I will not post anything and everything submitted but I will keep an open mind to different points of view and related topics.

Please do not submit posts which are less than 400 words in length. Please edit your post content for all grammatical and spelling errors and please make sure to include all HTML tags as appropriate. Accepted pieces will not only be published on the blog, but will be distributed via Twitter and to a growing blog subscriber list. Published pieces will also introduce the author with a short byline and a link back to the author’s blog or website if applicable. You do not need to have a blog to author a guest post.

If your guest post is published you will be expected to monitor comments and respond as appropriate and you will be required to offer supporting sources for your main points. Please do not reference material without sourcing it. I want this site to maintain an air of professionalism and credibility and sourcing reference material goes a long way to achieving this goal. If you publish quality work I will place you on my short list for future guest posts and an ongoing contributor relationship.

If you are interested in this opportunity please email articles for consideration directly to me in completed form as described above. I will respond as timely as I can. Thank you.

Please make sure to see the post guidelines before submitting a guest post.

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