The Longevity Secrets Of Centenarians Around The World

Live A Longer Life With A Sense of Purpose

The secrets to longevity are many; everyone seems to have one or two and virtually any long lived person can rattle off a handful. Ironically many of the “secrets” conflict and many do not even make any medical sense. The way to make sense of them all however, is to compare findings and tips from a large group of persons and find the consistencies and commonality among them.

Dr. John Mach did just that not too long ago when he polled a group of 100 centenarians. His meta-analysis of centenarians found a commonality pointing to longevity that both makes sense and is consistent with actual longevity in real people.

According to this poll and analysis a key secret to longevity is being able to stay current and relevant even as “the times change”, technology advances, and the old is replaced by new. People who were able to stay current it seems are much more likely to thrive in their advanced years.

How do you capitalize on this secret to longevity? Adopt an attitude that embraces change and thrives on learning new things… especially new technologies, trends, and styles. When music trends change, learn to appreciate it. When style trends change, learn to appreciate it. When new technologies emerge, learn to adopt them into your lifestyle.

The point is that if you don’t feel relevant in the world you live in then you are less likely to participate in it in a meaningful way. This is important because it has been shown that a sense of purpose is instrumental to achieving longevity and if you don’t feel relevant in the world as it is then it’s difficult to maintain a sense of purpose.

Longevity Secrets

Longevity, apparently, is a lifestyle; there are no "secrets". Achieving longevity not only includes taking care of your body by investing in the food you eat and making sure you keep physically active but that you also evolve, grow, learn, and enhance the lives of those around you. Imagine if a centenarian started a blog about living in their 100s. Can you imagine how interesting that would be? I would find it fascinating and I’m sure others would as well.

I’m sure countless others would read it just for the sake of learning how to live life actively as an older person. Many would find such a blog as a guide to how to live life with purpose whereas others would simply read with morbid curiosity. Either way I’m sure such a blogger would find a large group of followers and would feel a great purpose in life… even in a time when he or she likely cannot do the same physical tasks that they once were able to do. Their purpose has evolved but has remained in this scenario.

What’s the secret to longevity? Eat healthy, stay active, and have a purpose. Because really, in the end, what good is life if you have no purpose or creed. Stay relevant and current and find something that can give you purpose no matter how old you may get.

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