Asthma Control

Asthma Control - Cleaning Sprays May Be A Cause of Asthma

asthma controlIn the ever present search for your causes of asthma you may find that your efforts to clean up allergens may have been the cause of asthma all along. According to this study an acceptable asthma control is to simply dump certain cleaning products from your routine.

Asthma Control Finding
According to group of Spanish researchers who tracked 3,500 people for nine years, your risk for developing asthma is increased by 50 percent if you use cleaning sprays or deodorizers even once a week around the house. The researchers speculate that exposure to cleaning products could be the cause of asthma in as many as one in seven adult asthma cases.

Cleaning Products and Asthma Control

This finding is interesting in that it alludes to the possibility that the cause of asthma is with the airborne cleaning solution and not with the cleaning solution itself. It makes you wonder if the Asthma cases would not be elevated if everybody mixed a bucket of water with cleaning product and wiped it onto surfaces with a cloth instead of spraying it through a bottle.

This also makes me wonder which cleaning products cause asthma and which ones don’t. I can’t imagine the trigger is uniform. After all, some people clean with white vinegar and water which is hardly the same thing as Clorox Cleanup or Febreze deodorizer.

Asthma Control With Air Purification
I guess the lesson here is if you’re using a household cleaner it might be marginally wiser to wipe it on your surface rather than spray it on. It's also probably wise to try and control asthma by cleaning your air with a home true HEPA filter. After all you can't live longer if you can't breathe.

Best Life Magazine - February 2008

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