Eating Too Fast

#1 Eating-Weight Loss Tip

Slow down! You are eating too fast!

New research and old research and general common sense tells us that eating too fast causes you to gain weight. The best eating for weight loss tip I can give you is to simply slow down. See the following details on a recent study backing up this weight loss claim.

Speed of Eating & Weight Loss
"84 - Percentage more likely you are to be overweight if you eat quickly, according to research in the British Medical Journal. Wolfing down food messes with the body's natural appetite kill switch."

This indirectly says that if you eat slowly you are 42 percent more likely to not be overweight. Eating quickly can cause you to eat more food before your brain tells you you are full. This also means that if you eat slowly you will eat less food and as a result take in less calories which can reduce inflammation and support healthy memory and brain function... also eating less food means not having to spend as much at the grocery store. Double bonus.

More Weight Loss Tips

I recently wrote a long dissertation on how to lose 10 pounds. If you are really looking to lose more weight then I suggest taking a look at this post and give it a go... just make sure you don't eat too fast. :)

This quote is from the March 2009 issue of Best Life magazine.

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