Get A Good Posture Office Chair

A Good Posture Office Chair May Help Stop Heart Disease

Studies have recently come out showing that your heart is affected negatively by having poor posture and using poor posture office chairs. Whether you believe it or not if you have poor posture you may be at risk for heart disease according to these findings. 

You should look into your desk situation at home or at work especially if you are already in danger of heart disease and especially if your office chair causes you to have poor posture. Best Life had this to say about the findings:

Posture and Heart Disease
"Slumping over your keyboard [at your desk] not only makes you look like a slob but also increases your risk of heart disease. According to a new study in The Journal of Neuroscience, bad ergonomic posture at your desk [or using a bad posture office chair] might actually raise blood pressure.

Researchers found a direct neural connection between the muscles in the back of the neck and the part of the brain stem that regulates heart rate and blood pressure – the nucleus tractus solitarius. This finding may help researchers figure out why desk jockeys are prone to hypertension."

Alternative Hypertension Treatments

This study and finding makes a strong case for analyzing the ergonomics of your desk area from reasons outside of the obvious. Neck pain and hunchback are now not the only reasons to sit up straight and stick your chest out, posture is also apparently another one of the leading causes of hypertension… practicing correct ergonomic posture and the using a quality posture office chair might be good for your heart too.

It seems that alternative treatments for hypertension is a constant theme in life and the question is posed by many.  Many of the alternative treatments (non-medicine) are just unknown to the bulk of society. Everybody knows they should exercise but if the cause of hypertension is due to some other factor, then exercise is not the end-all answer.

This is just another alternative cause and treatment for hypertension I’ve blogged about on How To Live Long, and interestingly many causes are tied to sitting at a desk all day. This tells us that those of us who do sit all day really should take heed of the warning signs like poor posture which these findings alert us to. Sit up straight and walk around the office a few times a day and you will most likely live a longer life.

Best Life mag., Feb. ‘08

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