7 Ways To Live Longer By Avoiding Bad Things

Living long implies a few things. First it implies that you have been lucky over the course of your life. You manged not to get hit by a car or run off the side of a cliff but more importantly it implies that you did not happen to get one of the many ailments that cause early death in the first place such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, or any of the other significant diseases that generally hit the elderly and middle aged demographic.

Decrease Your Risk of Dieing Before Your Time

Assuming you want to reach a ripe old age, or at least assuming you want to live a normal length of life, I wanted to offer to you a short concise list of a few of the major items you should avoid and that that you have control over. If you know what these items are and actively avoid them you should have a significant advantage in your quest to reach the tender ages that average lives are expected to reach.

Healthy people achieve these ages more often than unhealthy people so, obviously, many of these items are under your control and have to do with not doing something that shortens your life span. This list is probably one of the easiest to follow of the human longevity lists I could compile because not doing something that harm you will typically be easier than actively doing things that extend life.

Life Expectancy is Finite

Additionally, the concept of extending life adheres to the law of diminishing returns. Life expectancies can almost always be lengthened but the action required to achieve the desired result is more and more costly and difficult to do. It eventually becomes a task of mania. Eventually the reward is not worth the effort or cost. This list however is the opposite end of the spectrum. The tasks presented here offer the most benefit for the least cost and therefore are the most important of all anti-aging tasks.

Let's start the list.

Seven + Ways to To Live Longer By Avoiding Bad Things

Dieing young can happen to anybody for any reason. Though I don't feel it's possible for you to completely control it, it can at least be partially in your control if you take the right steps.
  1. Develop a routine sleeping schedule that nets between seven and eight hours of sleep every night. Getting more than eight or less than seven increases your risk for early death by about 25 percent.
  2. Eat fish and seafood regularly to decrease your risk of dementia and stroke. This is supported by the Mediterranean diet which focuses on fish as the primary meat component.
  3. The Mediterranean diet focuses on veggies, legumes, nuts, and seafood. It provides resistance to Cardiovascular Disease (which is likely due to increased Omega-3 intake) in that these dieters are roughly 25% less likely to die of the disease. Try eating like this diet preaches if not exact find a comfortable zone.
  4. Routine exercise of any kind has also been shown to decrease your risk of early death by anywhere from 19 percent to 32 percent depending on the intensity of exercise.
  5. Stay close to defibrillators and keep one in the house. People who have heart attacks are more likely to survive if a defibrillator is used on them within two minutes. Hospitals don't even get them to patients on time more often than not; you're actually better off in a casino! Home defibrillators are available so get one as the years pass by.
  6. Do not eat too many eggs. More than seven a week is associated with a 23 percent chance of early death.
  7. Avoid binge drinking to limit your risk of stroke. Those who drink too much are much more likely to have a stroke and die.
  8. Lastly let me advise you to wear your seat belt and stay under the speed limit. I haven't written about this on this blog yet but it is vastly important in limiting death by accident; one of the biggest killers in the under 50 crowd.
That's it! There's not much too it. These longevity secrets generally won't make you live longer (except for maybe eating the fish regularly) but they will keep the average person from harming themselves, which is the first step to longevity and anti-aging.

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