Whats The Best Face Moisturizer For Men With SPF

I started shopping today for the best face moisturizer for men with SPF. I didn’t start this week thinking I would need a good moisturizer for men but the wife looked at me a couple days ago and peered deeply into my forehead and informed me that she didn’t like the growing tan line or discoloration that was slowly appearing near my hairline which was most likely caused by sun damage.

Taken aback with surprise I looked into the mirror and what do you know; she was right – I did have a noticeable line. And now that I’m 30 I should probably start caring a little more about my skin and my appearance… especially after crafting such a fine post on the best anti aging products on the market today. Why am I not following my own advice and taking care of my skin.

The wife ended up telling me she wanted me to start wearing sunscreen on my face and I am happy to please her – so thus started my search for various face moisturizers for men which were both oil free, natural, would help with anti aging attributes, and were generally the best moisturizers for men that money could buy.

Finding The Best Men's SPF Moisturizer

I started my search by simply browsing through the top selling products at Amazon because frankly I’ve written a bit about anti aging creams but haven’t researched men’s products specifically. What I found was a lot of claims that Nivea for men moisturizer was one of the best however I quickly realized that it was simply a cheap men’s moisturizer and little more. Upon doing a little more digging however I stumbled upon the Neutrogena Men Age Fighter Face Moisturizer which I quickly realized was on my wish list.

This facial moisturizer for men is fragrance free, oil free, all natural, and uses retinol (vitamin A) to work to moisturize the skin and reduce lines and wrinkles. It also packs SPF 15 for all day protection against skin damage and should be a great way to spend al little more money on skin moisturizer to get more benefits than the cheapest but less expensive than the top of the line. In my mind this is the best facial moisturizer for men as it is affordable but very beneficial – much more so al least over the cheapest kinds.

Is the Neutrogena Men Age Fighter Face Moisturizer really the best skin moisturizer for men? I don’t know but it appears to be the best moisturizer for my money. I has what I value and at a price I can afford and feel good about paying and recommending others to buy.

If you want to give it a try or have any thoughts about Neutrogena or any other related products I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Did I make the wrong choice? Let me know and tell me what men’s moisturizer is better. I’d love to know.

You can take a look at the product I purchased here on Amazon and give it a try for yourself - Neutrogena Men Age Fighter Face Moisturizer.

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