Common Symptoms Of Blocked Arteries You May Be Overlooking

If you’ve done any research on heart disease you know that most forms of the disease can be seen coming a mile away. The common symptoms of clogged arteries often come in conjunction with many physical conditions that are hard to miss.

If you are in the habit of visiting your doctor and having your blood tested annually you probably know what your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are. High cholesterol and blood pressure are serious early warning signs for artery blockages.

If this is you then make sure to read this post of lowering cholesterol levels and follow the advice of your physician.

If however you start recognizing some of these overlooked signs and symptoms or blocked arteries you should seek medical assistance right away. These may be false alarms but many people who experience them also experience significant cardiac events.

Often Overlooked Blocked Artery Symptoms

  1. Pain in the neck or jaw – Not everybody experiences this and even if you do there is no way for you to know for sure that neck pain is a sign of blocked arteries. It may be worth seeing your doctor right away for professional advice.
  2. Unnatural fatigue – Just being tired from normal everyday things isn’t usually cause for concern. If however you are constantly tired and you aren’t physically overexerting yourself and you aren’t sleeping poorly you may want to see a doctor. Your doctor can better diagnose your condition. Fatigue may be a sign that you have blocked or clogged arteries and that oxygen isn’t circulation through your body as it should be.
  3. Shortness of breath – Much like the previous symptoms shortness of breath can indicate blocked arteries which limit blood flow to various parts of the body. Feeling out of breath is a potential symptom of this happening and should be looked into.
Of course main indications of weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure may be excellent ways to predict risk for blockages in the future; these symptoms can indicate potential problems that exist in the immediate time frame.

If you experience any of these get assistance from a professional as quickly as you can. Otherwise follow a quality treatment plan at home on your own as well as any prescriptions or personalized advice your personal doctor has given to you in the past.

In the mean time see this post on lowering LDL cholesterol levels naturally and take action. Knowledge is nothing if you never act upon it.

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