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It’s been a while since I sent a shout out to the various carnivals in which I have recently been featured in. In fact in my last update I actually missed a couple in mention, and for that I send my apologies.

For those unfamiliar with the process carnivals are groups of blog posts categorized together by similar theme. These posts are hosted as a carnival as a stand alone post on another blog on the web. Sometimes the hosts change and sometimes they are the same week after week but typically only the best posts are included in the carnivals in an effort to keep the quality up. Because of that being featured in the carnivals is a nice honor and thus I would like to direct you to some of them to check out the other featured material.

Thanks to the Health Wonk Review hosted over at the Health Business Blog for featuring my post: The Healthcare Costs Of The Obese. This is a premier carnival with lots of amazing entries. I hope you’ll check it out. One entry that caught my eye which was closely related to my post was Worker’s Comp Insider’s post titled: Fire the Smokers. Tax The Fat? A couple interesting stories are highlighted. I see this as an issue that will grow in importance and notability of the coming decade.

SurgeXperiences, which was hosted over at The Sterile Eye, included me in their carnival with my post: The Most Important Question To Ask Before Surgery. This is a very creative and carnival with a number of quality posts on the topic of surgery. I hope you’ll check it out if you find the topic is interesting. One other post from this carnival that struck me was an entry from Plastic Surgery 101 titled: Breast Reduction Surgery and Quality of Life - Addition by Subtraction! This post strikes me as interesting because back and neck pain are often cause people to work out less often. If breast reduction were deemed necessary then these women would likely live more active lives, be healthier, and live longer.

Lastly I wanted to say a quick thanks to the Weight Master from the Weight Management and Fitness Forum for including my post in their recent carnival titled: Exercise After Eating Fats in which I highlight information that suggests exercising right after meals, as opposed to at other times of the day, decreases more so the negative effects of fats ingested. Of course there is a ton of information on weight management out there and here on this blog but there is also a lot of good information highlighted in this carnival and I hope you’ll check it out. One post that I thought was particularly useful was a post from Muscle You! titled: Negatives For Positive Results. This post is particularly useful for those who do resistance training. On this blog I routinely mention the need for all of us to do more exercise and I myself have been trying to do this more often too. I have been known to hit the gym on occasion and for the few times I go for the weights (as opposed to the cardio machines) the concept of working the negatives is very important to remember. Each rep must be controlled in reverse just as it is in the positive motion.. Keeping this in mind will make your workouts more efficient and well rounded. Check out the post for his complete analysis.

Anyway, there’s lots of good stuff going on in the carnivals and I’m thankful for all the work the hosts take on to make these carnival successful. Stay tuned to this blog for more shout outs around the web and lots of original posts to come on all things related to health, nutrition, disease prevention, and general longevity science. Thanks for reading, thanks for subscribing, and let me encourage you to share this site via any of the social media sharing buttons below.

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