Healthy Weight Loss Follow Up

This post is a follow up to my lose 10 pounds by New Years post from last week. I had a few comments about the post namely because it was both so long and also so contrary to many schools of thought about weight loss.

Conventional Weight Loss Theory

The normal thought process on how to lose weight healthy and permanently typically states that the dieter needs to both limit certain foods while also starting an exercise routine. I wanted to clear up my point of view and state that I do indeed agree with this prescription for weight loss. If it didn’t work it wouldn’t be the normal way of thinking.

The problem with me however is that I know people are people and I know that the majority of people are lazy. I can’t even count the number of times I started an exercise routine and failed to follow through with it. I’ve tried to wean myself off of doughnuts countless times and always failed. I know that eating more vegetarian meals is better for me than eating more non-vegetarian meals. I also know that a quick bite from Burger King is both cheap and easy and tough to pass up sometimes.

Losing Weight Is Hard - Take It Slow

What’s my point? I truly believe that starting significant life changing routines such as cutting out fast food from your life entirely is bound for failure. I know that eliminating junk food from one’s life is challenging and will usually fail. I know getting out of bed an hour earlier on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to hit the treadmill will quickly become a faded desire in most people’s lives.

I feel that changing lifestyles shouldn’t be dramatic if you want them to stick which is why I feel subtle changes for the better are the most surefire way to weight loss that you can find. By taking your normal everyday diet and not changing it in any way other than the quantity you are bond to have an opportunity to succeed. Sure you may at first feel as if you are stifling yourself, but this can be curbed by drinking water for weight loss assistance.  The water fills you up while you eat less food making quantity reduction easier to achieve.  And think of it this way, never having to think about what you can or can’t eat will feel real good in the end.

If you missed my last post on losing weight I encourage you to take a look and see what you think. Of course if you don’t feel that the subtle way to weight loss is for you then that’s fine. Traditional weight loss plans are just fine. The most important thing is that you find a plan that works for you which you feel comfortable with and believe in. Good luck.

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