Reduce Inflammation by Cutting Calories

Reduce Inflammation & Improve Memory

Inflammatory disease and various forms of inflammatory response is primarily responsible for a wide array of symptoms and conditions. Working with your diet by eating anti-inflammatory foods can help to improve many inflammatory diseases and conditions. More specifically it’s been shown that the reduction in systemic inflammation by following a low calorie anti inflammatory diet or a CRON diet can help improve memory. Read on for more info.
German researchers report that cutting calories can improve memory and brain function. The researchers speculate that consuming fewer calories helps reduce levels of inflammation, a known risk factor for cognitive decline. Study participants cut 30 percent of their daily calories, which is 750 calories (about five and a half cans of cola) if you are consuming 2,500 calories a day.

More Inflammation Reduction Ideas

You can also combat inflammation and increase brain function by flossing your teeth more often. Additionally, eating more fish also has the ability to help prevent dementia and stroke similar to reducing inflammation.

The calorie restriction diet on the other hand requires a bit more of a rethinking of one’s lifestyle however it can be argued that eating fewer calories is additionally a great all around approach to living a longer healthier life.

This quote originated from the May 2009 issue of Best Life magazine:

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