Diabetic Walking Shoes Can Help You Live Longer With Diabetes

If you’ve followed along with my long running series on diabetes with my recent posts: how to increase insulin naturally, normal blood sugar range, and The Insulin Resistance Diet then you probably know that diabetes is one of the leading causes of death and it is growing ever more prevalent with each passing year.

Looking at the most recent year’s statistics Diabetes is number 7 on the list taking sole responsibility for 2.9 percent of all deaths nationwide however the statistics are more sobering when you consider the fact that diabetes is a main contributing factor in heart disease and stroke because many of the problems that lead to the development and worsening of type-2 diabetes also contribute to the development of these other conditions which act much faster when they attack.

Additionally diabetes is often diagnosed in people who are overweight, in those who do not eat a well balanced diet in the correct proportions, and in people who do not exercise enough. Unfortunately for most people with diabetes the condition is preventable until it sets in but once it’s there it’s something you have to live with. Fortunately however it is possible if you are diligent and disciplined.

How Diabetic Walking Shoes Can Help You Live Longer

I’ve spoken a lot on this blog about how people with insulin resistance should be taking the time and energy every day to exercise because it helps improve insulin sensitivity and can help in managing blood sugar level better than just about any single action or medication you can take. Clinical research has shown over the year quite conclusively that exercise is the number one way to manage diabetes and insulin resistance but what is often left unsaid is how to get that exercise in when your feet are suffering from a diabetic condition.

You see what happens when you develop diabetes your body slowly starts getting damaged by the effects of chronically high blood sugar levels in your blood stream. In some people the pancreas is able to produce more insulin to help offset the insulin insensitivity but this too can cause long term damage to the blood vessels.

As a result from all this damage the smaller blood vessels such as the capillaries and some large vessels in the extremities and feet begin losing circulation and in turn begin losing their ability to circulate oxygen to the region, heal wounds in that part of the body, and fight off infection. What this results in is an area of the body extremely prone to wounds and an area of the body that has difficulty in healing the wounds that do happen.

When a diabetic person, especially one that has been diabetic for a long time, begins exercising the pressure put on the feet cans sometimes be too much for the foot. Pressure points from walking and running or whatever activity is taking place begin to take a toll on the foot and foot ulcers can begin cropping up. These wounds can be very painful but can also go unnoticed especially if neuropathy of the nerves has set in. If the wound is bad enough and infection spreads it is entirely possible to lose tissue and sometimes the bone altogether.

This obviously is bad and could be an obvious reason why someone with diabetes may have a shorter life span however it shouldn’t be an excuse for not exercising. Diet alone is not enough to manage diabetes and insulin resistance you have to get active and treat the condition with physical activity and the best was to do that is to practice the best foot care you can by washing your feet, keeping them dry and moisture free, inspecting them for small cuts or sores, and minimizing irritation put on them by the shoes and socks you wear.

When you exercise you have to wear the right shoes, you simply cannot afford not to. People with diabetes are always going to have a shorter expected life span and it’s because the condition contributes to both heart disease and stroke and because it can end up causing people to go lame and/or blind.

If you follow a sound diet, wear the best diabetic shoes you can afford when you go exercising, and make sure to monitor your body for physical changes or abnormalities you should be much more likely to live a longer life.

If you have diabetes and want to learn how to live a longer life with diabetes, simply do what you need to do and be thankful that your health is in your control.

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