How To Prevent Silent Strokes In Seniors

Strokes are one of the most common health complications that seniors face. They are in fact the number 3 cause of death in America. Many strokes are obvious. They are accompanied by obvious changes in body movement, language, and appearance but in people, seniors especially; silent strokes can hit and rarely be diagnosed immediately.

There is new evidence however showing that your risk for developing a silent stroke can be lowered by simply exercising. And this exercise shouldn’t just be the standard exercise that most seniors take part in. As reported in the journal Neurology on June 8

"MRIs of people who exercised at higher levels were significantly less likely to show silent brain infarcts [which were] caused by blocked arteries that interrupt blood flow and are markers for strokes [compared to] people who exercised lightly."

Preventing Silent Strokes In Seniors

According to the study people who participated in moderate to intense exercise were 40 percent less likely to have suffered a silent stroke within the following six years. Sure walking is good for you but this suggests that exercising a little more vigorously with jogging, tennis, or other types of sports may be better at preventing silent strokes.

You can read more about this in the study linked below but you may also want to read these older blog posts on how you can also help prevent strokes by limiting depression, how binge drinking plays a role in preventing strokes, and how your risk of having a stroke increases with rises when you have high systolic blood pressure and clogged arteries.

Because strokes are so serious doing whatever you can to prevent them or limit your risk for having one can help significantly in increasing your lifespan. Click through to see more longevity tips and to learn how to live longer.

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