The Food You Eat

the food you eat
The food you eat plays a monumental role in your general health over long periods of time. What does this mean? It means that the food you eat today might not make a significant difference in your health tomorrow but it will play a crucial role increasing or decreasing your risk for major ailments, diseases, and early death or decline in the later years of your life.

The Food You Eat is an Investment in You

Much like saving for retirement begins when you are young and builds in significance over time, so too does the food we choose to eat build in importance over time. By indulging in quality foods today and mostly every day over the course of our lives, we will be far healthier and happier in the future, and we will be better equipped to appreciate the gift of life. By making smart food choices today we will not be living on the metaphorical social security which our bodies provide, but we will be sitting on a massive nest egg of health and vitality in our retirement years.

Diet is But One Factor in Life-Long Vitality

The food you eat, no matter how healthy it is, is not a guarantee of long and healthy life alone; a healthy diet merely increases your chances of health and longevity. Other factors come into play such as poor/smart lifestyle choices, activity levels, environmental & genetic factors, as well as plain dumb luck. This page however will be a table of contents so to speak into the art of feeding your body optimally. I will try to update this page appropriately as this blog evolves, matures, and as new material is added. I will try to organize the topics by genre based on sound information which is generally backed up on clinical findings and research.

This hub for food, diet, and general information should offer you a great starting point for learning the foundation of longevity and healthy aging. This page can always be found in the upper navigation bar of this site under the heading "The Food You Eat". I would also like to mention the "Best Of" page to it's left which is full of some of this site's best reads as well as the other hub pages for more best-of material. I hope you find these pages helpful.

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