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Now that this blog is fairly established and halfway through it’s 5th month it’s about time that I divulge a little more of who I am to you my readers.

Who Am I

As stated on my "About" page (linked to in the upper right of the navigation bar) my name is Brian and I am 29 years old. As clearly described in my disclaimer, I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be so. Not only that but I do not work in the healthcare industry. The only attachment that I have is a deep interest in health, nutrition, and medicine as well as a beautiful wife who is in the middle of medical school.

I guess it’s important to note that she does not contribute to this blog though she does read it and lets me know if I say something blatantly stupid. Until now I have not said anything worthy of her getting on my case so I feel that’s a win for me. :)

about the author of how to live a longer lifeMy Background

You might find it interesting to know that my background is actually in business, banking, and compliance. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and recently completed my MBA. I’ve worked in an audit, compliance, and quality control position at a large bank for six years and have enjoyed my time in the field. In fact, I have an equal if not stronger passion for economics and finance than I do for health, nutrition, and longevity.

This blog however has given me the opportunity to diversify my efforts and learn to a greater degree the nuances of a completely different industry. Incidentally it also gives me the opportunity to connect on a different level with my wife who is living and breathing medicine now and will continue to do so as her career advances.

My wife and are have been married since late 2007 and we have no children as of yet. We are lovers of cats (we have three) and are avid reef tank hobbyists. Additionally I am an accomplished bowler and I do still compete from time to time in various regional and national competitions. Competing, however has taken up a much smaller portion of my time in recent years.

I am also a big fan of baseball and my beloved Oakland Athletics. I’ve been living and working in San Diego for roughly a decade and look forward to starting a family here in the future assuming my wife’s job doesn’t take us to a new city (we’ll see).

My Goals

As you can tell I’m a well rounded individual and spend my time and energy on many interests. My goals for the future first revolves around continuing to develop this blog and my presence in the blogosphere but in a long-term context I look forward to taking a more entrepreneurial perspective to my career and branch into other areas of work, chiefly setting up my own financial advisory practice.

This however will require some continuing education. As such, I will soon begin working towards obtaining my charter with the CFA Institute (a 2-3 three year process) and will be getting my foot in the door to more personal financial endeavors while I’m still at the bank.

I hope that satisfies some curiosity as to who I am and what I find important. For various reasons I am still going to try to remain semi-anonymous in my writings here but in the future I might find it in my best interest to open the door to publishing my entire byline. Until that day I will remain Brian and will continue advocating better nutrition, exercise, and disease prevention and will continue to offer information as it pertains to longevity and living life to it’s fullest. Thanks for reading!

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