Drinking, Obesity - Moderate Yourself Please

drinking, obesity, moderate please
As another holiday rolls around the corner it’s worth remembering that though drinking is good for us in moderation alcohol becomes increasingly bad for us as we overindulge.

Aside from the obvious reasons to keep your beer intake to a minimum, the CDC not long ago published research findings which showed that those who drink two drinks in a day are 48 percent more likely to be obese than those who can stop after a single drink… and those who drank three or more drinks in a day were 80 percent more likely to be obese.

My take: These findings are likely skewed by the size of the drinkers as a smaller person is probably more likely to be satisfied with a smaller quantity of beverage. A more perfect study would be to take a group of thin people and study their drinking habits over the years and determine who becomes obese in the long run. Regardless, however, the association is firm enough to teach us lessons.

While you are out barbequing tomorrow, or kicking back on your couch tonight... or anytime for that matter, keep your drinking in check. Yes, drinking alcohol is associated with longer life spans but overindulgence in alcohol can quickly lead to shortened life expectancies as well. And seriously, who doesn’t want to keep the extra weight off? Have a happy holiday!

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