Football Season Carnivals and A Special Shout Out

Football season is upon us again and for the first time in a number of years… lets say roughly ten I’m actually pretty excited about it. I watched the Chiefs game on Sunday; no surprise they lost but big surprise they made a run at it. They could have run a two minute drill and sent the game to overtime but man, they really stunk on that drive and ended up losing by 14. Trust me; the game was much closer than that. Then last night I watched the bulk of the Chargers game (MNF) and what an exciting finish. Now that’s how a two minute drill is supposed to be played. 90 some-odd yards the game winning TD was seriously a triviality; you could assume it would happen based on how sharp they were on that drive. Sorry Raiders fans, but I’m a local San Diegan.

Needless to say I’ve enjoyed my time recently and as a result of being busy at work and at home at the same time the football season started up I have been defiantly posting lightly. I hope you can forgive me. :) Despite my shortcomings however I have been featured in four carnivals over the past week or so which I wanted to point out and send special thanks to the hosts of these carnivals for all their work.

Thanks to:
As always there are many quality entries in these carnivals and I hope you’ll take a minute to click through and check out a few of the articles. Let them know I sent you over in their comments sections; I’m sure they’ll appreciate the new guests.

Lastly I wanted to point out to you a blog that is new to me which I’ve enjoyed reading as of late. Robin, who I met through the comments of this blog, writes over at Let’s Live Forever on the topic of physical immortality. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe death is a good thing, natural, and likely to happen to everyone regardless of potential scientific breakthroughs so I don't jive perfectly with Robin’s perspective but nevertheless the spirit she has in experiencing life to it’s fullest potential is something that I truly respect and share with her. Not to mention the community she has of positive people is just a great place. If you share the same zest for life that I do I hope you'll check out her writings (don’t worry – unlike me she only posts a few articles a month). In the future I’d like to get to know Robin a bit more and get to know some of her regular readers and commentors as they all seem like great people.

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