Longevity in the News - And Other Labor Day Linkage

labor day
Happy Labor Day!  I'm enjoying my day off from my day-job today by leisurely sipping on some coffee this morning and catching up on Google Reader.  I hope you have that luxury as well and frankly I hope taking a day off from work is a luxury for you considering that so many people are out of work this Labor Day.  Before I head out and work on project for the day I thought I'd share with you some of the more interesting things in the news recently and a couple quality posts from some of the writers I read daily. 
  1. Longevity's March - "Women baby boomers were called the sandwich generation - squashed between caring for young children and aging parents. But now some women, hitting 60, have jobs, parents in their mid-80s to 90s, grown-up children still at home and grandchildren they regularly mind. They're the triple-decker sandwich generation."  -  This article poses some very interesting socioeconomic and social construct questions that will arise as we redefine the definition of old.
  2. NIH Funds Einstein for Aging Genomics Studies - "The Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University will use a five-year, $11.2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to lead a study of the role damage to DNA may play in aging and disease."
  3. Add Years to Your Life: AARP/Blue Zones Vitality Project - "People don't want to just live longer; they want to live healthier and more purposeful lives. Now, through the AARP/Blue Zones Vitality Project sponsored by United Health Foundation, people from across America will have the opportunity to add healthy years to their lives."  -  I find this to be an interesting event and a smart co-branding of the traditional groups of seniors (AARP) and the new thoughts on elder groups as presented by The Blue Zones (I reviewed The Blue Zones last month in case you missed it).  The project aims to offer a "lifestyle makeover" and provide the tools to extend healthy vital years to your life.
I also wanted to point out a couple blogs that I've started reading recently namely Healthy Theory and Natural Bias.
  • Healthy Theory is a blog that has been around for most of 2009 and they focus on a lot of the same material I like to bring up here on How To Live A Longer Life.  Recently Liora posted on the dangers of mercury in fish which I thought was particularly interesting seeing as though I am such a proponent of eating more fish.
  • Natural Bias is another blog that focuses on maximizing life though a perspective of natural bias.  Vin presents quality posts that are well sourced and fully devoted to the topic at hand.  Each post is a rich body of work with a fresh perspective and I'd encourage you to give it a read.  To keep to my fish theme, Vin recently posted an article titled: Why You Should Avoid Farmed Fish.  I just bought some salmon yesterday and I am pleased to say it was wild caught. :)
Once again I'd like to invite my subscribers as always to get involved in the comments section below.  This blog's traffic has doubled in the past month so I'd like our little community to start getting to know one another.  Also, let me know what you like and don't like; I want to keep things interesting for you.  Hope your holiday was a good one!

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