Four Simple Ways To Save Billions on Healthcare

I was listening to American Public Media’s early edition of Marketplace today on the radio and found the following segment on healthcare reform to be a nice breath of fresh air. David Frum’s segment titled Four Simple Steps to Healthcare Reform highlighted a few simple ways that Americans could collectively save billions of dollars and add healthy years to our lives. These techniques are not new to me or you hopefully but it is nice to hear them coming from a widely followed media source:

An excerpt:
"How much does health care matter, really? The numbers suggest that for most of us individual behaviors matter more than anything doctors do.  The U.S. spends 60 percent more of national income on health care than the other advanced countries. Yet American life expectancy ranks below Italy's and Portugal's.  Let me suggest four simple actions to extend and improve American life and save hundreds of billions of dollars."

Read the transcript here for the full story and the four simple ideas (about a one minute read) or give the 3-min segment a listen below. Note: If viewing from RSS you might have to click through to view the audio.

Four Simple Ways To Save Billions on Healthcare

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