Accidents At Work - Falls - Auto Accidents

Accidents are among the most life threatening situations people face on a daily basis. Whether you are young, middle aged or old accident cannot be avoided. Here are just some of the many causes of accidents and what you can do about them.

Accidents at Work

Accidents at work are most experienced by the working class middle aged person. They typically tend to be in blue collar jobs where the work accident involves physical labor and large machinery.

Work accidents are usually the fault of the employer unless the employee was acting outside of normal working duties. If you want to avoid accidents at work you should consider job options that involve safer work environments. This is obviously not possible in all cases and is completely up to you and your threshold for risk. Work accidents cannot be avoided but they can be minimized if you feel like sacrificing.

Auto Accidents

In addition to workplace accidents auto accidents are the most obvious cause of injury and death of them all. They are also quite easy to visualize and understand as many people have been in an accident at some time or another.

Not all traffic accidents are your fault and not ll are serious. Some traffic accidents are even the responsibility of your employer if the accident is caused during working hours while on working responsibilities. Obviously it is not possible to avoid driving but you can minimize your risks for getting into bad accidents by simply driving carefully, defensively, and slowly. Wear your seat belt, don't use your phone, and don't drink and drive.

Other accidents

Other accidents other than workplace accidents that are less thought of but quite serious are those that the elderly face on a regular basis. Falls.

Falls can be a common workplace accident in certain situations and though accidents at work involving falls are usually more dramatic, falls at home are the leading cause of accidental death. Statistics show that roughly one third of all elderly people have a bad accident by simply falling. Obviously this can't be avoided but it can be minimized if we all just exercise more and stay agile as we age.

So let this be my lesson to you. Be careful while driving; choose a job where an accident at work is less likely, and stay fit while you're young. These are the best ways to avoid the worst bad accident. Good luck.

...and while you're at it enjoy this last reason bad accidents occur. This aint no workplace accident!

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