Avoid Cancer of Kidney: Skip The White Bread

Cancer of KidneyCancer of kidney is the 11th highest cause of death by cancer in America today. It is a disease that easily gets overlooked by the more common cancers but it is not a disease for you to brush off. Nearly 10,000 people die each year from this cancer alone. We should remain vigilant in attempting to lower our risks for this cancer just as we would for any other.

The Risks For Cancer of Kidney

Risks for all kinds of cancers can be linked to diet and kidney cancer is no different. Researchers recently reported in the International Journal of Cancer found that those who ate large amounts of refined-flour bread (i.e. sandwich bread) doubled their risks for obtaining cancer of kidney when compared to those eating less refined flour. The researches classified the quantities of four to be equal to one sandwich a day versus two.

The researchers further went on to speculate that the increased risk for cancer was due to the “blood sugar raising effects of refined carbohydrates”. These same blood-sugar raising effects are also what aggravate diabetes and can cause problems in insulin.

How To Avoid Kidney Cancer

Obviously you can diminish your risks by simply minimizing your intake of refined carbohydrates and white sandwich bread but you could probably do even better by only using whole-grain bread and increase the quantity of vegetables into your diet.

International Journal of Cancer, 2006

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