Get More Lycopene and Lower Prostate Cancer Risks

Lycopene Rich Tangerine Tomatoes
Lycopene has been widely known to lower prostate cancer risks and the typical method of making sure you get more lycopene is to eat more tomatoes as they are packed with the nutrient. What is not widely known however is that not all tomatoes are made the same.

From Best Life magazine:
”Researchers reporting in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry tested the bioavailability of the prostate cancer fighter lycopene in tomato sauces and concluded that the tangerine tomato delivers two and a half times more lycopene than the normal red variety does. In fact, the authors found that circulating lycopene levels [in the blood] are 10 times higher after eating a sauce made with tangerine tomatoes than they are after eating a sauce made with roma tomatoes."

The study was conducted by researchers from Ohio State University in 2007 and was republished in 2008. Also keep in mind that all lycopene is made more bio-available (meaning you can absorb it into your system better) when it is paired with fats such as olive oil. Make sure to always include your good fats in your diet and substitute tangerine tomatoes into your diet whenever you can to help decrease your risks of prostate cancer... and while you're at it you can always add broccoli to your tomato dishes for even more prostate cancer prevention.

Best Life, May ‘07

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