Olive Oil Might Help Prevent Cancer

Olive Oil Helps Prevent CancerScientists led by Dr Henrik Poulsen from Copenhagen University Hospital discovered that consuming olive oil reduces the oxidative damage (damage caused by free radicals) to DNA that can lead to cancer, according to their report published by the Federation American Societies for Experimental Biology.

Their research led them to have 182 men consume about two tablespoons of olive oil a day for three weeks. Tests then revealed a 13 percent reduction in the amount of oxidative damage to cell’s DNA. The researchers believe the monounsaturated fats in olive oil were probably behind the effect. Scientist further went on to say that “The effect of diet on cancer risk is very complex because of the many different components of the food we eat. Although this study suggests that olive oil can reduce DNA damage that could lead to the development of cancer, more long-term research is needed to confirm these effects.”

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I’ve previously written that finishing high-fat meals with olive oil or walnuts can help with arterial elasticity; well these findings show that not only can the olive oil help with arterial health but it might also help lower your risk for developing various cancers. Maybe that after dinner drink (olive oil) isn’t so bad after all… though it still seems gross to me.

Of course I also wrote a while back on the positive effects of the Mediterranean Diet. The diet is associated with a 6 percent reduced incident and mortality rate from cancer. This might be simply because of the use of olive oil in the dishes. Of course some weight must come from the diet's focus on veggies but nonetheless the cited findings do support this diet. Maybe you can couple the use of olive oil in your cooking with the after dinner walnut snack for a double dose of cancer prevention tactics.

What’s you opinion? Do you think olive oil shooters are worth it?

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