Prostate Cancer Prevention – Optimize Your Diet Part 3

Prostate Cancer PreventionThis is the third post in my series: Optimize Your Diet. This series focuses on identifying the foods we all eat regularly anyway and pairing them together to maximize their healthy attributes. The first installment of this series discussed pairing your good fats with tomatoes and leafy greens, the second installment discussed pairing your good fats with foods that contain fat soluble vitamins: vitamin A, D, and E. This third installment will cover a very specific pair of foods that work together in simple harmony: Broccoli and Tomatoes.

John W. Erdman, Jr., PhD of the University of Illinois recently published a study in the journal Cancer which proved that the food combination of broccoli and tomatoes helps prevent prostate cancer. Obviously we all eat both of these foods routinely so based on these findings there is clear reason to eat them together when ever possible. Prostate cancer prevention has never been easier.

Unfortunately the conclusions of the study were unable to pinpoint why this combination of food worked in prostate cancer prevention, just that it did. The combination actually shrunk prostate tumors in rats more so than any other method of treatment outside of castration. The doctor went on to note that tomato powder has been shown effective at slowing the growth of tumors as does broccoli but it will take years do figure out why the two together are so effective at treating the prostate.

How then can we utilize this to our advantage? Try mixing in diced tomatoes and olive oil to your steamed broccoli and garlic side dishes or add a bit of shredded broccoli to your tomato sauces. Frankly, just add a bit of the other ingredient whenever you pull one from the fridge. Both veggies are good for you so you might as well think of them as one unit whenever you cook.

And for those already with diagnosed cancer, prostate treatment options in addition to medical treatment do exist. Nothing is fool proof but your effort is worth your time.

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