Longevity In The News: Here Comes September!

August is a just a couple days away from ending.  It's hard to believe.  Making it even more strange is that it's about the hottest day of the year here and my wife and I just bought our first Christmas gift of the season.  Ohh my!  Anyway, my lazy Saturday afternoon in my thankfully air conditioned living room is fast coming to an end.  Here are a few things in the news that caught my eye this weekend. 
  1. Top 5 Myths about Aging - "Growing old does not necessarily mean becoming senile, helpless, frail or a nuisance to others. It is entirely feasible to be a healthy, independent, happy and active senior who is full of vigor for life."
  2. Tech Advice For Living To 100 And Enjoying Life When You Get There - "Being 100 in this scenario overcomes some of the physical isolation that can result from physical frailty (and losing your nearby friends and family)."
  3. Doc, Got Anything To Make Me Immortal? - "We certainly don’t want to get ahead of ourselves... we will be in a position to use regenerative medicine in the widest sense to repair most things in due course, but this could take 20-30 years."
Enjoy your Sunday and get some reading done... and try to stay cool while you're at it.

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