Chances of Death by Heart Attack at Hospitals Are Greater than at Casinos

You would think that if you were going to have to have a heart attack and were able to choose the location where you'd have it you would probably choose a hospital, but statistics show that if that were the case you amazingly wouldn't have the best chances of surviving.
"A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that only 34 percent of patients who have a heart attack in a hospital survive... a previous study in the same journal found that your chances of surviving a heart attack in a casino are 53 percent."

Amazingly if you were to chose a place to have a heart attack the casino is the better choice because of the presence of defibrillators all around for emergency situations. In hospitals people are busy, everybody is in need of care, but in a casino once someone hits the ground clutching their chest they are caught on camera and by people nearby with not much to do. Defibrillators arrive early and these lives are saved more times than not.

It is said that one of the most common reasons for death in hospitals due to heart attack is delayed defibrillation (assuming you disregard the heart condition in the first place). 30 percent of patients do not receive defibrillation within the recommended two minutes. The study additionally found that the worst response times to heart attacks are between 5pm and 8am and on the weekends meaning that if you have one during these times your chances for death are even greater.

Best Life, April 2008
New England Journal of Medicine

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