Promote Longevity With Aerobic Exersice

The British Journal of Sports Medicine recently published a study that found that one could add 12 healthy years to their life expectancy by staying aerobically fit. Activities such as jogging, swimming, and biking will condition your heart to pump blood more efficiently, allow you to take in more oxygen, expand you blood vessels, and release endorphins, helping you to live longer and healthier.

This finding falls in line with the general theory of exercising to stay fit and healthy but it adds the dimension of identifying the longevity effects of the same practice. Obviously don't push it too far if you're just starting out and keep in mind that a healthy sleep schedule will keep your odds of living life to it's full extent at it's maximum. Sleep won't increase your lifespan but it will diminish it if you don't optimize the daily duration.

More Ways To Promote Longevity
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British Journal of Sports Medicine

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