Increase Your Risk For Early Death by Eating Too Many Eggs

eating too many eggs
Eating too many eggs may be detrimental to your health:
"Seven - Number of eggs eaten per week that can increase a man's risk of early death by 23 percent, according to a 20-year study of 21,327 men that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Although eating fewer than seven eggs a week had no effect on either cardiovascular health or mortality, consuming seven or more a week increased LDL particle size, leading to less than favorable lipid profiles."
This research on eating too many eggs is actually quite interesting because it is so broad and covers such a large amount of people. 21,000 men, adjusted for nothing but how many eggs they ate per week. With no change up to seven eggs per week and then an increased risk for early death at seven and above. This seems to suggest that there is something that ties lifespan to this dietary tendency but we don't really know what it is. The cholesterol is an obvious candidate thus you might be moved to lower LDL cholesterol levels in your diet in general but the tie-in might just boil down to the simple fact that if you're eating too many eggs then maybe you're more likely to be eating too much of everything else as well. Eggs by themselves are not bad but actually quite good for you in moderation so maybe this signifies a tendency for people to slip away from moderation and thus reduce their life expectancies. Who knows but it is quite interesting.

Related to my previous post about eggs being a carrier of carotenoids which decrease your risk for AMD, this research, though very vague and blurry around the edges, should tell us that eggs alone are not the solution for AMD prevention. You really should mix in leafy greens into your daily diet. There is no substitute for variety; that's why we have so many options.

I would also suggest brushing up on the most typical and obvious way to increase your lifespan: Drink Less Alcohol.

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Best Life, Aug '08

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