Women and Heart Attacks at the Carnival of Healing

The weekend is coming to an end as I write this. Often my weekends are quite eventful but this weekend I found myself staying home quite a bit and spending time with my wife and my best fried. In between relaxing and stepping out with friends I found myself finally making the move to bring this blog to it's own domain.

For those that have been following along for a while you have probably noticed that I was publishing on Blogger; well, I'm still there but now you can enjoy not having to see the Blogspot in the address. I hope this adds a little bit more professionalism to the site and I hope it's appreciated.

This weekend, in addition to doing the work to transfer this site over, I also had the pleasure of being included in the latest edition of the Carnival of Healing hosted this week at Tri-freedom. I actually tried to get into this carnival a couple weeks ago but wasn't included for one reason or another. Because of that I wanted to make sure to thank Brad for his choosing to to include me and would like to encourage my readers to make their way over there and take a look around.

My featured post in the carnival was regarding the immune system benefits of mushrooms and I hope you'll read that if you haven't already. But of the many other entries to the carnival I found particular interest in Heartstrong's post on Women and Heart Attacks. The post highlighted a very recent study presented at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine conference. It showed that women were not getting the same attention to heart attack symptoms as men by EMS. The information as presented is a little shaky due to the study size and the localized nature of the study but it is interesting nonetheless. I'd encourage you to take a look at the full post and make your own opinions.

Anyway, as always I like to try and highlight some of my favorite work in the carnivals in which I take part in so if you make your way over to Heartstrong's blog I hope you'll let him know you came over from here. Aside form that I hope everybody had a nice weekend and I hope this week coming up treats you well.

Live Long!

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