First Calendar Month Completed

I thought it would be nice to update my readers on this site’s stats as I’ve completed my first calendar month of blogging for ‘How To Live A Longer Life’. Now, this site only went live on the 11th of May so it’s not even been a full month of operations yet but it has been a solid 20+ days of posting, networking, and laying the groundwork for increased traffic, credibility, and readership in future months.

Folowing this text are my basic stats thus far and I’d like to thank a few people who have helped me along the way. These people likely have no idea they helped but I figured a shout out to them is in order anyway. Amanda at BloggerBuster helped out immensely in teaching me many of the site design techniques that I used in creating this site, Shaun at Hobo for helping me understand a lot about SEO and site organization, and Griz at Make Money with Adsense for his teachings on incorporating Adsense into web projects.

For the month of May, this site’s first month of operations I managed to:
  • Set up this site hosted on Blogger/Blogspot

  • Designed the (hopefully SEO friendly) site template from scratch

  • Listed ‘How To Live A Longer Life’ with Technorati

  • Published blog feed with Feedburner

  • Posted 41 entries

  • Received 53 unique visitors to the site

  • Was found in search results 8 times

  • Was included in 3 blog carnivals

  • Signed up 4 subscriber to the blog feed

I understand my results 20 days in are quite modest but I feel a lot of work should be done up front before any significant results can be expected. For now I will celebrate early accomplishments and take it one day at a time.

Thanks to my readers and especially to my few early subscribers! I hope you’ll take the time to help publicize this site. Email it to your friends, link to articles, post to Facebook, and leave comments… and feel free to pose questions to me for future topics or items to feature on the site. Thanks, and here’s to a great June!

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