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Eating Less of Everything is Still the Best Diet
An interesting stat: You’ll likely consume 131 percent more calories at a restaurant if your meal is labeled as a "healthy option".

Binge Eating vs Calorie Restriction

Researchers from Cornell University found that not only do people tend to overindulge in beverages, sides, and desserts when they choose a "healthy option" meal but the meal’s themselves often contain 50 percent more calories than many of the standard menu choices. It’s not that the main dish is unhealthy; it’s that generally either the side dishes or the sauces used to dress up healthy items increase calorie counts quickly or the quantity of food is large enough to offset the lower calorie count per ounce. Steamed vegetables just aren’t the norm it seems.

Keep this in mind when you’re trying to keep your calorie count down. Healthy dieting is not always about what you eat it is often about who much you eat. You don’t really have to change your eating habits or what it is that you eat… just eat less of what you have normally been eating otherwise.

Calorie Restriction - CRON

CRON is a term that stands for Calorie Restriction with Optimal Nutrition, otherwise known as the calorie restriction diet. Though the eat-whatever-you-want mantra doesn’t quite fit with CRON, the eating less of whatever-you-want mantra certainly supports the idea of lengthening life through calorie restriction, so feel free to try it and learn to split your restaurant meals into two, one for now, and one for tomorrow. Of course you could skip the restaurant altogether and prepare a nice CRON friendly meal at home for far less money out of pocket.  Regardless of how you do it chances are good you will live longer by eating less.

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