Decrease Risk of Death from Cardiovascular Disease

As people live longer lives it is well known that age related diseases begin killing us more so than in the decades past. Heart disease is one of those diseases that affect many people these days as opposed to a few generations back. The causes of this are mainly because of our changes in behavior moving to a more sedentary lifestyle, our increasing length of life, and our poorer eating habits as we find convenience food more appealing than quality food.

Declining Mortality Rates

If you are capable however of changing your diet, however, there are multiple studies that show that the Mediterranean Diet guides many people to longer healthier lives. Another recent study of roughly 380,000 people came out further backing up these claims. As published in the Archives of Internal Medicine those that follow a strict Mediterranean Diet are roughly 22% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease due to the diets focus on fruits, veggies, nuts, and seafood. The study further went on to identify an overall lowering of mortality rates for both men and women on this diet from all causes.

My take on this finding is similar to what I’ve said previously, that I believe the diet promotes longevity due to it’s focus on fish and veggies but not from it’s aversion to beef. I believe beef is fine in moderation. I eat it a couple times a week at least but I never over indulge in it. Small portions are key.

I also wanted to point out the obvious as it related to cardiovascular disease. If you are 22% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease on this diet then you are more likely to die from something else at an older age. This diet, no matter what does cause the results, promotes a longer healthier life.

Archives of Internal Medicine

Leading Causes of Death

Heart Disease is easily the leading cause of death in America. One of the major contributors to heart disease is cholesterol. See the following posts for more on lowering your risk for heart disease:

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