Nutrition Carnivals, Protein, and Beans

This week the Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival over at FitBuff featured my article on Sleep Apnea, Hypertension, and Over Eating. I wanted to start off by once again thanking FitBuff for hosting the carnival and featuring my post.

This carnival, for those that are unfamiliar, is a list of recent bog posts from many different authors on various topics surrounding living life well. The more specific topics center around, fitness, nutrition, health, personal finance, lifestyle choices, etc. Last week I made note of a couple posts from the carnival that I found particularly interesting, this week I will point out one post in particular.

  • Pat over at All Muscle Building posted The Best Protein for the Buck and highlighted research from Men’s Fitness which broke down the cost of protein per 10 grams in supermarket foods. The top of the list included Black Beans and white meats which are good fro you for many reasons in addition to their protein and low cost. Beans are typically full of antioxidants and fiber and given their low cost they pack a ton of nutrition into a low budget. Similarly, white meat, such as chicken, is a little more expensive per 10 grams of protein but is one of the leanest meats you can find and low in calories relative to other meats. In fact, I recently included chicken in a low calorie, CRON friendly meal plan just a few days ago, and I feel that for the conscientious eater white meats are a great way to get your protein in addition to alternative sources such as beans.

This obviously is not the only interesting post in this week's carnival; there are many others so I encourage my readers to go check it out and read a few other entries. Once again, I'll thank FitBuff for my inclusion into the carnival and I look forward to future carnivals and posts from other Bloggers and I hope those that found my blog through this avenue will take the time to comment on my blog and subscribe to my feed. Spread the love!

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