An Ibuprofen - Alzheimer’s Disease Finding

Inflammation has been generally associated with the plaque that builds up in the brain when a person begins developing Alzheimer’s disease. There have been studies that suggest that cutting calories from one’s diet can decrease some of the inflammation that might be the cause of cognitive decline and now there is more evidence that treating inflammation can decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline. By popping the occasional ibuprofen, Alzheimer's disease risks might just diminish.

Ibruprofen & Alzheimer's Disease

As written in Best Life, Aug. ’08:
"Common over-the-counter pain drugs known as NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), such as ibuprofen or Advil, might protect against Alzheimer’s disease. A Boston University study identified 49,000 US veterans older than 55 with Alzheimer’s and more than 196,000 veterans without the disease. They found that those who used NSAIDs for periodic pain relief were 44 percent less likely to have developed the disease. The researchers think the drug’s anti-inflammatory effects could suppress the formation of amyloid plaques, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s."

Additionally the simple act of flossing your teeth can decrease inflammation in your body system-wide and spare damage to the brain’s white matter. You can also look into your soda intake as a warning sign for future cognitive impairment.

Best Life, Aug ‘08

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