Finish Your High Fat Meals With Walnuts for Your Arterial Health

Walnuts Cracked OpenYou’ve heard that eating a high fat meal has in immediate effect on the blood vessels right? Well, to combat this phenomena you can exercise after eating your high fat meals as this too has an immediate effect on the blood vessels, except it is a positive effect which counteracts the negative affects of the high fat meal. Additionally you can eat a solid handful of walnuts as they too might protect your heart immediately after indulging in a big fatty meal.

Walnuts Protect Your Arteries

Best Life reported on findings from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology back in early 2007. They had this to say:
Eating Walnuts after a high-fat meal might protect your heart better than olive oil does.

Researchers had 24 people dine on salami and cheese sandwiches and high-fat yogurt. Half of the dinners chased the meal with 40 grams of walnuts, while the other half sipped 5 tsp. of olive oil. Ultrasounds conducted immediately afterward revealed that eating walnuts preserves the elasticity of blood vessels after a fat-filled meal better than consuming olive oil.

Researchers say that although both olive oil and walnuts decrease inflammation in the arteries, walnuts work better at keeping arteries flexible, which is important for decreasing your risk of developing hypertension.

There’s a lot of information in those findings which are supported by findings which I’ve previously touched on (see above links). I hope you’ll take the time to read through some of these at your leisure.

Personally, I’m glad to hear eating walnuts is better than sipping olive oil because seriously, who does that?!? I can’t imagine having an after dinner drink of olive oil. Yuck!

Best Life, Feb. 2007
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