Sleep and Life Expectancy

Sleep Between 7-8 Hours for A Maximum Life Span

It seems that your life expectancy is noticeably affected by the amount of sleep you get.  This could be good news for some and bad new for others.  Check out this interesting information that relates directly to living a longer life and a maximum life span by simply managing your sleep patterns better.

Better Sleep Patterns Improve Life Expectancy:
"A 22-year study of 21,268 adults published in the journal Sleep found that sleeping for fewer than seven hours a night is associated with a 26 percent increase in the likelihood of early death in men. Surprisingly, the sleep study also found that getting more than eight hours of sleep is dangerous for men too: It raises the same risk by 24 percent."

Longevity Related

This makes you wonder that if you were to analyze those people who sleep less than seven hours or more than nine hours, how long would they last... would the difference be a matter of months on average or years? If it's years then you could assume that those who have optimal sleep patterns, which are between 7-8 hours, live longer lives than the national average, which in America is 78 years.
Sleep and life expectancy are attached at the hip.  Is it possible that better sleep patterns can prevent premature aging?  Maybe simply having better sleep patterns could alone increase life expectancy rates into the eighties... and coupled with eating fish or any number of other longevity tips, they might even last even longer.

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This quote is from Best Life magazine, Feb. 2008.

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