A Dinner Light on Calories

I was just over on Yahoo Answers and a question came up about what to prepare for dinner for one, light in calories, including chicken. Cutting calorie intake is widely known to promote longevity so I happily proposed the following:

A Recipe For One

I would suggest using a small breast and sauteing it in a teaspoon of olive oil. - Brown both sides and set aside.

Then saute half a small onion (diced) with a stalk of diced celery and a clove of garlic. When tender add the breast back to the pan add a splash of broth cover and simmer until chicken is done all the way through.

Meanwhile slice a carrot or two and saute in a small sauce pan with balsamic vinegar and dried parsley and prepare a quarter cup of quinoa in half a cup of broth or water in a third sauce pan. Everything shouldn't take longer than about 20-25 minutes... you're basically waiting for chicken to cook through and quinoa to soften.

celery stalk - 6 calories
1/2 onion - 14 calories
1 clove garlic - 4 calories
1 large carrot - 30 calories
1 teaspoon olive oil - 40 calories
1 tbs balsamic vinegar - 28 calories
1/4 cup quinoa - 156 calories (substitute white rice for 51 calories)
1 cup chicken broth - 17 calories
1/2 chicken breast (no skin) - 130 calories
Total Calories = 425 (320 with rice instead of quinoa)

Substitute rice for quinoa and the calorie count drops even more. This is plenty of food; I ate it last night with pork chops instead of chicken. Enjoy!

I hope people find this tasty and filling.

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