Blogs of Note: Total Mind and Body Fitness Carnival 103

This week saw my first submission into the Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival over at FitBuff. I started this blog only a few weeks ago because I wanted to record the many health tips that pertained to health and length of life that I could find. Tips abound around the web but many of them go unsupported by adequate references. They also often go unlinked to similar studies and tips that might support or refute other findings. For this reason I believe this blog should be a worthy resource to not only me, the author of How To Live A Longer Life but to you the casual reader.

Last week I prepared my post Eat Fish To Increase Longevity and I am thankful to FitBuff for including it in this weeks carnival with the many quality submissions of others. I thought I'd also take a moment to review a couple of the posts that I found interesting in the carnival and highlight what seems to relate to the topic of this blog.

  • Fraser over at Fitness and Nutrition posted 11 Tips to Raise Metabolism and highlighted a number of items that not only raise your metabolism but are considered healthy for many other reasons as well such as Building Muscle, Eating Breakfast, and Drinking Water among others. There are a couple ideas though that I have some questions regarding such as drinking Green Tea instead of Coffee. I understand that Green Tea has a lot of good things going for it but so too does coffee. Coffee drinkers can significantly drop their chances for dementia while also ingesting additional forms of antioxidants that are present in the beverage and I would also argue that the caffeine gets the metabolism going as well. Also Fraser advises you to sleep 8 hours a night... which sounds great but it should be noted that sleeping between 7-8 hours is optimal for life span maximization and that sleeping any more that 8 hours can start to decrease your life expectancy, not to mention your daily productivity, as I touched on in my post sleep and life expectancy.
  • Another blog post I found interesting and applicable to living long was posted by Randy at He posted that a High Alkaline Diet Helps Reduce Inflammation, meaning that veggies are highly alkaline based rather than acidic based and that if you eat too much acid based food then you will be more likely to be inflamed and susceptible to disease. I argue that eating veggies is not the only solution to inflammation, eating veggies merely lowers caloric intake through the substitution of higher caloric foods such as meat with lower caloric food such as veggies. My post last week on lowering calories to reduce inflammation is just right. This tells the whole picture. It's not what you eat that is important, it's how much you eat. Just eat less and you'll accomplish the same thing proposed by Randy and you'll still get to enjoy that nice piece of Tri Tip steak for dinner every now and then. Of course I'm not saying don't eat veggies, I'm just saying that variety is still a great thing and meat is part of a complete diet so long as your veggie needs are being met as well.

Anyway, once again, I'll thank FitBuff for my inclusion into the carnival and I look forward to future carnivals and posts from other Bloggers. I hope my readers will take a look at this carnival and some of the submissions and I hope those that found my blog through this avenue will take the time to comment on my blog and subscribe to my feed. Spread the love!

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