High Blood Pressure Associated with Hot Flashes

by Food Fanatic

High Blood Pressure & Hot Flashes

Heartstrong this morning posted an interesting finding published in The Journal of North American Menopause Society, which ties hot flashes to high blood pressure in women.

Heartstrong writes: Do Hot Flashes Lead to High Blood Pressure? Below is an excerpt of the post, click through for the full text.
"Women who experience hot flashes have been found to have higher blood pressures than those who don't... The higher blood pressures were consistent even when differences in weight, ethnicity, and age were evaluated."

Fighting Hot Flashes

Of course you still might wonder if the hot flashes signal causation or responce to high blood pressure. If you feel that it is a responce to high blood pressure then maybe you should look into cooking with grapeseed oil as opposed to other cooking oils as it contains higher concentrations of Oleic Acid which is known to promote lower blood pressure in adults.

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