Recent Medicine, Longevity, and Health Carnivals

Over the past week or so this site has been featured in a few different carnivals; I’d like to share some of my favorite posts from these carnivals with you today.

  • Yesterday was the 110th edition of the Total Mind and Body Fitness Carnival at FitBuff. My post on 11 ways to reduce insulin resistance was featured and has since been increased to 13 ways. If you missed that post I’d invite you to click through and give it a read; I think it’s full of good information that should be better known.

    This carnival also featured a post by Gain Muscles-n-Weight titled: Want to Live Longer? Put on Muscle Weight. In this post a Japanese study was identified that showed that heavier people lived longer than lighter people. This indicates that people who are more muscular tend to have higher BMIs than people who are not muscular. Muscularity also indicates a certain level of physical activity that a skinny person might not have. The bottom line is that physical activity and exercise build muscles & weight and also increases longevity… inactivity however, regardless of weight, does not. I’ve even written some on this topic myself in my post: Plaque Build Up in the Arteries: What To Look For.

  • I was also included in the most recent Weight Management and Fitness Forum with my article on Grapeseed Oil a couple weeks back. In this post I highlighted findings that showed that OEA, found in Grapeseed Oil, will signal the brain that the stomach is full and thus cooking with it might help you limit portion size.

    The carnival however brought to my attention another post over at Fountains of Youth which brought up the important point of spotting anti-aging scams. Because I write on longevity, anti-aging, and disease prevention it’s important that I make sure to warn my readers that I will never be a salesman for a scam or will in no way attempt to lead my readers into a scam. This is a area where scams are a dime a dozen and many products are just that. That is why I try to always provide natural ways to get the nutrition needed to prevent disease rather than just offering a selfish sales pitch.

  • Lastly, I was also featured in Lisa Laser’s Medical Blogs carnival with my post on Soda and Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s is the one disease I fear the most, probably because I watched my grandfather suffer from this for a number of years before finally passing on. It’s not something I’d like to get.

    And along the lines of the contraction of diseases another post in this carnival jumped out at me entitled Swine Flu (H1N1) Over Exaggerated posted by the What’s Good Blog. My wife and I have been off and on talking about this for a while now as she’s in the hospital every day and knows everything there is to know about H1N1, the bug that killed millions in the Great Pandemic of the teens. Today Flu & Pneumonia are still among the top killers in America but medicine has limited the damage significantly over the past 90 years as evidenced by the relatively few people dying from H1N1 today. Cross your fingers.

That’s it for this week; I’ll be featured in a few more carnivals over the coming days and will make it a point to highlight more interesting work from those as well.

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