Vitamin Supplements Can Worsen Prostate Cancer

Increase in Risk of Fatal Prostate Cancer

There has been a number of studies over the years suggesting a link between multivitamin usage and fatal prostate cancer however a recent study published in May of 2007 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute tracked more than 300,000 men where roughly 100,000 took a daily multivitamin and 15,000 of which took more than one a day. The results of the study showed that those who took the vitamins more than once a day had a rate of fatal prostate cancer within five years at roughly twice the rate of everybody else.

Multivitamins In Moderation

Furthermore, the most interesting part of the findings (in my opinion at least) is that the risk was unchanged for those who took a multivitamin once a day. It didn’t matter if they cut the vitamins out completely; it only mattered if they took them either in high doses or too often. Additionally, "the researchers found no link between multivitamin use and early-stage prostate cancer. The researchers speculate that perhaps high-dose vitamins had little effect until a tumor appeared, and then could spur its growth."

Based on these findings I’m led to speculate as I always enjoy doing. If vitamins, even in high doses, do not have an effect on early stage tumor growth but they do have an effect on fatal, late stage tumor growth then they likely have nothing to do with the creation of the tumor but have much to do with the growth of a tumor once it forms. Therefore; if you have prostate cancer then it is probably in your best interest to lay off the vitamin supplements as they might be feeding the tumor.

Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Doctors, in the case of early-stage prostate cancer treatment, often prescribe no treatment because the tumors are slow growing. In some cases it has even been shown that simple low-dose aspirin treatment can keep PSA scores in check just as Aspirin can help fight heart conditions. Other people even find benefit in taking an over the counter prostate formula.  Whatever eases your mid should be just fine.

Bottom Line

If there’s one thing to remember, however, it is that vitamin supplements are not inherently bad for you it’s the quantity that can be harmful. Like everything else in life moderation is the most important thing. They’re called One-A-Day for a reason. You can’t just eat cake for all your meals. You have to moderate and stay diversified.

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